Cabins & Beauty Treatments

Each cabin is a marvellous invitation to take it easy and relax, opening the way to a whole world of wellness.

Alone or with a partner, let us take care of you. Massages, facial treatments and world rituals: see all our treatments in our brochure.

We recommend bringing with you a swimsuit and towel, but without jewellery. Bathing shorts are not permitted.

Reservation required for treatments, subject to availability of cabins. You can reserve spa services on site or by phone. Services cannot be refunded.

Please arrive 30 minutes before the session time to enjoy all the facilities. To guarantee a relaxing atmosphere and to preserve your well-being, access to the spa may be limited, depending on the number of clients present.

To guarantee treatments are carried out in the best conditions, we ask you to let us know at least 48 hours beforehand if you cannot come to your appointment.
Sessions will be shortened if clients arrive over 10 minutes late, in order to respect the following client's schedule. Sessions are cancelled if clients arrive over 15 minutes late.

Some health conditions (breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc.) are not suited to all of our facilities. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not suffering from any contraindication.