Lacanau Beach Handball Xperience

It is with pleasure that since 2021, we support this unique sporting event in France!

A tournament in a friendly and fairplay atmosphere, co-organised by the Lacanau Océhand club, the French Beach Handball Project association and the town of Lacanau.

But what is Beach Hand?
Derived from Handball, this collective sport is played on the sand! It is a spectacular, playful and modern discipline.

Beach Hand is played in two periods of ten minutes and at half-time the score is reset to zero. To win a match, you have to win both periods.
On the pitch, two teams of four players compete with the aim of scoring a maximum of spectacular goals worth two points. There are 5 ways to score two points (360°, Kung fu, specialist, goalkeeper shot, penalty).

For the occasion Lacanau OcéHand and its 80 volunteers offer 3 days of international competition.

In 2022 it was a total of :
16 teams of 10 players, including 8 women's teams and 8 men's teams
46 spectacular matches in front of 2500 spectators

© Caraïbos Lacanau Pro / Valentin Videgrain