Eastern area

Our Eastern area consists of 2 Turkish baths, a body scrub table and a sensory shower.

The Turkish bath is a hot, moist bath where the maximum temperature can reach 50°C. It promotes true relaxation of body and mind and helps eliminate stress.

It is advisable to take a Turkish bath after an exercise session to help you recover quickly, avoid aches and eliminate toxins. This practice also clears the respiratory tract.

The Turkish bath is also recommended to take care of your skin, with a "Kessa" glove and a black soap scrub.

A session lasts about 45 minutes.

After the Turkish bath, you’re sure to appreciate the sensory shower: it has hot water, cold water, a Scottish shower and a rushing torrent of water to create a thermal shock and firm the skin. Massaging jets will also relax your muscles. It can also include a fragrant mist, flashes of light and tropical shower sensations, depending on your mood.